Joe Yin, whose lifelong vocation has been the restaurant profession, moved here recently from Georgia to open Hillcrest Shopping Center's newest restaurant. “We are fast food,” he said, “You can eat good food, made fresh, and not take a long time.”
Although himself Chinese, Yin has a great appreciation for the Japanese culinary style.
He explains the difference this way: Japane19se cooking presents the meats, vegetables and rice separately —
and with sauces on the side rather than incorporated into the dish.
Yin is quick to take a visitor into his kitchen to show the USDA Choice label on the meats, the bags of premium quality Japanese rice, and mounds of fresh vegetables being chopped into fine pieces for cooking.
Main dishes, which come with vegetables and Japanese fried rice, are served
either teriyaki or hibachi style. Teriyaki items are grilled with teriyaki
sauces; hibachi with ginger and soy sauce.
Entrees include steaks, chicken, scallops,, shrimp and combinations
of these. Salads come with house ginger dressing and can be
ordered with steak, shrimp, chicken or seaweed.